Saturday, December 6, 2008

Tofu Hot Pot

I don't always have luck. This tofu hot pot is an example. In cool winter days, Hong Kong people like to go hot pot, either on real fire or dishes serve in a very hot pot.

This hot pot is actually called "salty fish with chicken cubes and tofu hot pot", and came in a set including a bowl of plain rice and a drink. It costed me HK$48, but I thought the shop owner got a net profit of HK$45. Salty fish isn't expensive at all, but I couldn't find more than 1 gram in it. And there was less than 5 grams of chicken. 80% of the whole thing was ginger, garlic and onion. Though it was very hot and kept me warm, but the whole thing was actually tasteless.

Salty Fish with Chicken and Tofu Hot Pot
Hong Kong Chinese Food - Fast Food

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Eggtart said...

I know what you mean, sometimes the food can look very good but is so tasteless! Thanks for posting your food reviews. Helps a lot when looking for a place to eat in HK! :)