Saturday, December 20, 2008

Home Made Salad Rolls

My brother invited me to have dinner at his house, because it is Winter Solstice tomorrow. It is quite an important Chinese festival. I managed to take a photo of how my sister in law did her home made salad roll. We called it salad roll only because we ate with salad dressing. It was minced fish and prawn inside. We all had our thumbs up because it was really delicious. Thanks to Susie Wong, the TV cooking star who showed us how to do it.

Home made deep fried salad rolls
Hong Kong Chinese Food - Home Made Dishes


alicesg said...

Looked very good. Yummy.

KaitLin Kat said...

you might not see this comment since this entry was so long ago but- the salad roll looks AMAZINGLY GOOD! :)
not sure if you have the recipe for it, but if you do- mind I have it too? Thanks! :)