Saturday, November 8, 2008

Duck Soup 鴨湯

I made this Chinese/Italian fusion soup with the left over ingredients in my kitchen. It just took a few minutes to cook. Very strong flavour of porcini and duck with added fragrant with black pepper. It is very economic and the pot of soup is good for two persons.

Duck meat - take home from roasted duck dinner (foc)
Parma ham - half pack (HK$25 / US$3.25)
Porcini - half pack (HK$25 / US$3.25)
Bean curd - one cube (HK$3 / US$0.38)
Grinded black pepper

Duck Soup - 鴨湯
Hong Kong Chinese Food - Home Made Duck Soup


Emanuel said...

Nice recipes Anna. I love duck and, of course, chinese cuisine. I hope I tried in Hong Kong in december. Maybe you join us.

auntielucia said...

Anna, may I use your drunken chix pix for a post I want to make on my blog...I shall give you a link and credit for the pix of cos...Pse let me know? Thanks!

Anna said...

My pleasure, provided my calendar permits. Let me know when you come.

Anna said...


Agree, you can use my picture and specify its source. Let me know when you are done. Just want to see your blog.