Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Mutton Hot Pot Dinner

Dinner date: November 25, 2008
Occasion: To celebrate my winning from Macau
Number of People: Four
Cost: HK$760 (US$97.5), including 10% service charge
Restaurant name: Foo Lum Restaurant, 73-85 Hennessy Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong.
Tel: 852-2528-2468
Anna's comment: I won some money from Macau casino. At the same time I notice a half-price special deal for shark fin soup, so I took my sister and brother to dinner. We had our favourite dishes of roast goose, mutton hot pot together with crab meat vegetable – a very good balance of diet. However it used up all my winnings.

Mutton Hot Pot 羊腩煲
We all love this, especially in chilly winter days
Roast Goose 燒鵝
Typical Hong Kong Cantonese recipe,
you must try one when you are here
Crab Meat on Vegetable 蟹粉豆苗

火朣鷄燉翅 - no photo
Shark Fin Soup, with Chinese Ham and Chicken
HK$688, half price at HK$388

Hong Kong Chinese Food - Cantonese Dinner

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Duck Soup 鴨湯

I made this Chinese/Italian fusion soup with the left over ingredients in my kitchen. It just took a few minutes to cook. Very strong flavour of porcini and duck with added fragrant with black pepper. It is very economic and the pot of soup is good for two persons.

Duck meat - take home from roasted duck dinner (foc)
Parma ham - half pack (HK$25 / US$3.25)
Porcini - half pack (HK$25 / US$3.25)
Bean curd - one cube (HK$3 / US$0.38)
Grinded black pepper

Duck Soup - 鴨湯
Hong Kong Chinese Food - Home Made Duck Soup

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Peking Duck Dinner

Dinner date: November 5, 2008
Occasion: Family gathering

Number of People: Six
Cost: HK$747 (US$95.7) inclusive 10% service charge

Restaurant name: Quanjude 全聚德
Restaurant address: 4/F, China Resources Building, 26 Harbour Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong
Restaurant telephone: 852-2884-9088
Anna's comment: My first time of having Peking duck at Quanjude in Hong Kong. Not sure if the duck chef is from Beijing, but we were all happy with the duck - crispy skin and meat without much fat. We even took the rest of the duck home to make duck congee.

Peking Duck (HK$280 for one whole duck)
北京填鴨 - 皮脆肉嫩

Peking Duck wrapping breads, warm and soft

Duck cutting in front of customers
Soup with Beancurd Sheets and Salted Pork
Cucumber 涼伴青瓜

Stir Fried Prawns with Egg 蝦仁炒蛋
(this is a Cantonese dish, but widely available in Hong Kong)
Copy Crab - Stir Fried Egg White with Dry Scallop 賽螃蟹

Yellow Bean Pudding - Imperial Dessert from Qing Dynasty

Hong Kong Chinese Food - Peking Duck