Friday, October 31, 2008

Seafood Pomelo Salad

Who said that pomelo salad is a Thai dish? Today, I made a multi-cultural seafood pomelo salad for my company's no-agenda-lunch. Every month we have three members of the staff volunteer to be the guest chef. In today's NAL, I am one of the chefs.

My pomelo salad is extremely yummy and sold out quickly.

Thai pomelos - three (HK$78)
Japanese dry mini sardines - one pack (HK$38)
Indonesian cooked prawns - one pack (HK$50)

Thai fish sauce - any desirable amount (HK$8)
Thai mini limes - two (HK$12.5)
Hong Kong Cantonese XO sauce - one bottle (free item from my sister)

Multi-cultural Seafood Pomelo Salad 海鮮柚子沙律

Hong Kong Chinese Food - Home Made Seafood Pomelo Salad


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Anonymous said...

Your blog always makes me hungry!!! It makes me crave NYC food (the closest I can get to the real deal) ... if I ever make it to HK, I would go to ALL the places you've posted about!