Sunday, September 7, 2008

Discounted Sichuan Dinner

We have a discount coupon from Tanyoto, so we went there for a Sunday dinner. Sichuan restaurant in a Cantonese society serves also some Cantonese dishes. We had a combination tonight. The Fish Fraquent Sliced Pork is only graded as slightly hot. The other Fish Maw dish is Cantonese.

A La Carte Six Course Dinner for Two:
Fish Fraquent Sliced Pork
Mushroom Fish Maw with Vegetable
Dan Dan Noodle
Sichuan Dumpling
Almond Tea
Coconut Pudding
Total cost: HK$285, less HK$50 cash coupon, we paid HK$240 (US$30.7) including tips.

Fish Fraquent Sliced Pork 魚香肉絲
There is no fish in this dish, why is it called Fish Fraquent?
Because Sichuan is a basin, people seldom had a chance to eat fish.
So they name it 'fish' just to imagine that they are eating fish.

Mushroom Fish Maw and Vegetable 北菇花膠菜苗
Hong Kong Chinese Food

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