Thursday, August 21, 2008

Sai Kung Seafood Dinner

Dinner date: August 16, 2008 Saturday
Number of people: Nine
Cost: HK$2,900 all inclusive
Anna's comment: My brother bought me seafood dinner. We all went to Sai Kung and had fun picking our own live seafood. It wasn't expensive, and we were all happy.

Steamed Clams with Jelly Noodle and Smashed Garlic
頂瓜瓜,好好味 !
Lobster with Noodel Base 龍蝦伊面
Deep Fried Osyter 酥炸生蠔
Steamed Garoupa 清蒸老虎班,好新鮮,係遊水的
Steamed Baby Abalone 清蒸鮑魚仔
Stir Fried Prawns with Chilli 椒盐賴尿蝦
The food came very fast. It was even faster than fast food shop !
The table was full of food - very yummy, very happy !
Hong Kong Chinese Food - Seafood Dinner


Anonymous said...

Hi Anna! I'm from malaysia and will visit hong kong on coming march. Would like to know which seafood restaurant u went for Sai kung? Sound very attractive :P


Anna said...

Hi Celine
Welcome to Hong Kong. That was Sai Hing Restaurant just nearby Sai Kung Pier. Take bus 92 from Diamond Hill MTR station to the terminus. There is another post in my blog with its full address and telephone no. Click on the 'seafood' label and look for the post dated Feb 16, 2009. Wish you enjoy the seafood there.


Anonymous said...

thank you very much Anna! your blog is really helping us alots! Great job! *thumbs up*

Anonymous said...

Anna, Did the restaurant state the price clearly? Worry they will increase the price since we're tourist :p

Anna said...

I've visited this Sai Hing Seafood Restaurant several times and found that they are charging very reasonably. They don't charge service fee and also give us free items, such as fruit/soup etc. I understand your concern as a tourist being rate up. They actually have some set meals with fixed price. If you are happy with the items on the menu, then go ahead. If you want to pick your own favourite, I think HK$350 per person should be reasonable.