Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Dragon Boat Festival Banquet

Dinner date: June 6, 2008
Number of People: 14
Occasion: Dragon Boat Festival family gathering
Cost: HK$2788 (US$358), all inclusive

Restaurant name: 悅滿樓
Restaurant address: 4/F, 6 Tonnochy Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong
Restaurant telephone: 852- 3165-8581
Anna's comment: My brother’s alumni recommended this restaurant to us, and I would like to recommend it to my blog readers. The dishes here are so nicely done with great portion and full of wok heat (鑊氣). Below are some of my favourite dishes of the night.

Anna's recommended Chinese Food Recipes

Losters & Noodle 龍蝦伊面
Look! How nice they are!
Roasted Meat Platter 燒味拼盘

Alternative Spring Roll with millenium egg & ginger inside


Abalone & Goose Web 鮑魚鵝掌

A must for Cantonese banquet

Baked Chicken with Salt 盐焗鷄

Hong Kong Chinese Food - Cantonese Festival Food


Anonymous said...

Hi Anna,
As usual love your work. I got a place to suggest. Last year I went to a very good Shanghainese restaurant in LKF area named Ning Bo Residents Association. It is one of the "unregistered" restaurants that operate behind closed doors in HK. It is located in 4/F Yip Fung Bldg. 2-18 D'Aguilar Street. I had an excellent meal there and thought you may like to try it and report back to us. Also, do you know of any other "speakeasy" restaurants in HK where we can find some culinary treasures? You should also do a best of the best type special, ... like best Hainan Chicken, best wonton soup, best roasted duck, etc...

As always enjoy your work and thank you for sharing with us your experiences and insights.

Your Fan from New York

Anna said...


I like your suggestions. They are all very thoughtful, thank you.
"Unregistered" restaurants 私房菜 has been quite popular nowadays in Hong Kong and I'll certainly try your recommended one. Do you have their phone number? BTW, what is "speakeasy"? Do you mean waiters can speak English?

Anonymous said...

Hi Anna,
Thank you for your reply. I'm sorry I can't find the telephone number for Ning Bo. Also, I may have made a mistake, the name may also be Ning Po. Anyway, it is located in an office building and is easy to find. The door is glass so you can see it is a restaurant inside. I had wonderful Xiao Long Bao there as well as braised pork Shanghai style. It is usually very crowded during dinner time and popular with the after work crowd from the financial district.

Oh..sorry, the word "speakeasy" refers to a private establishment during the Prohibition period in the USA when the sale of alcohol was stopped. As a result, many secret bars serving alcohol opened up called speakeasys meaning, the patron would knock on the door, a person would answer, and you had to give them a secret code word spoken softly to gain entry, thus the word "speakeasy" was coined.

Thanks again Anna and happy eating!

小公主......♡ said...
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Vivien said...

I like how your blog has pictures of food and a short but good description of the restaurant! It has the price and address which is veryyy important!

and i love 酥炸生蠔 as well! My dad makes them sometimes and they are delicious, espeically with a little lemon or worcester sauce on them =)

Anna said...

I found it: Ning Po Resident Association. Address: 4/F, Yip Fung Bldg, 2-18 D'Aguilar Street, Central, Hong Kong. Tel: 2523-0648. I'll try it out and let you know. Thanks for the recommendation.

Anna said...

I am glad that you are oyster fans. I rarely find people who love oysters like I do. However I didn't make them professionally. Believe your dad is doing much better. BTW, are you from Hong Kong?