Monday, May 12, 2008

Holiday Seafood Lunch at Lamma Island

Lunch date: May 12, 2008
Occasion: Holiday Seafood lunch

Number of People: Two
Cost: HK$535 (US$69), no service charge

Restaurant name: Lamma Hilton
Restaurant address: 26 Sok Ku Wan, Lamma Island, Hong Kong
Restaurant telephone: 852-2982-8241
Anna's comment: We took speed boat to Lamma Island for an authentic Hong Kong style seafood lunch. The prices here are far more economic than restaurants in town. We picked live seafood from the tanks and eat at a seaside table. A very scenic and relaxed holiday lunch. We even took a leisure walk from Sok Ku Wan to Yung Shu Wan, before we head back to Central.

Steaming is the simplest way of Cantonese cooking. Freshiest ingredients are best to be cooked by steaming - see our seafood photos here.

Enjoying my lobster at a seaside restaurant
Steamed Lobster with Garlic Sauce

Steamed Fish - a must for a typical Hong Kong seafood meal 清蒸游水海鮮
Steamed Abalone 清蒸鮮飽仔 Seafood Soup with Tofu and Vegetable 海鮮湯
Fried Rice 楊洲炒飯
More Photos from Lamma Island

Life Seafood in Water Tanks Life Abalone
Fishing Tanks at Lamma Island
Panoramic view of the fishing tanks
Hong Kong Chinese Food - Cantonese Seafood

Online Easy Chinese Food Recipe


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Genie said...

Hi, your blog is making me very hungry. I was born in Hong Kong but moved to New Zealand when I was a baby. I have been back to Hong Kong to visit family.

Just a question, do people ever look at you funny when you take photos of the food? I am too self conscious to take photos of food. I'm scared that people might get annoyed?

Dondon said...

Love the Fried Rice...and those pics were really nice..

Anna said...


That didn't seem to have happened. In fact people didn't care. Some of the waiters even help me in shooting.

Anna said...


You should visit Hong Kong. We have plenty of yummy food waiting for you!

Jeena said...

Hi Anna you have a lovely food blog. :-)

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