Friday, February 8, 2008

Home Made Chinese New Year Food

February 8, 2008 (Friday)
Today is the second day of Chinese New Year, as a tradition, we have a delicious home-made lunch. One important must-dish is a Vegetarian Platter. This in Cantonese means 'a good start'. In the afternoon, we felt not happy enough, so we went to the market and buy ingredients to make our own turnip pudding, which carries the meaning of 'growth'. These are the two most traditional Cantonese Chinese New Year foods.

Vegetarian Platter 羅漢齊
開齊 means 'a good start'

Turnip Pudding 蘿蔔糕
糕 sounds 高 which means 'growth'

Hong Kong Chinese New Year Food - Home Made Dishes

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