Saturday, February 23, 2008

A Classic Cantonese Banquet

Dinner date: February 22, 2008
Occasion: Anna’s company annual dinner

Number of People: 33
Cost: Don’t know, because I am not the organiser

Restaurant name: Lippo Chiu Chow Restaurant
Restaurant address: G/F Lippo Centre, 89 Queensway, Admiralty, Hong Kong
Restaurant telephone: 852-2845-4151
Anna's comment: Though this is a Chiu Chow restaurant, but it also serves Cantonese cuisine, such as tonight. Because we have expacts in our group, we have requested for individual serving. However I still prefer the Chinese food culture of having the dish in the middle of the table, and everybody pick their own portion.

Roasted Suckling Pig 紅燒乳豬
Prawns 錦繡蝦球
Crab Arm 蟹拑
Vegetable and Ham 金腿雙翡翠
Seafood Soup 菜胆花膠响螺湯
Garoupa 清蒸石斑
Sliced Abalone with Mushroom 鮮鮑脯
Roasted Chicken 脆皮燒鷄
Fried Rice 炒飯
Stewed Noodle 燴伊面
Almond Soup with Sweet Dumplings 合桃露湯丸
Dessert 甜點

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