Sunday, January 13, 2008

Extremely Spicy Sunday Lunch

Lunch date: January 13, 2008
Occasion: Casual lunch

Number of People: Two
Cost: HK$148 (US$18.9), inclusive of 10% service charge

Restaurant name: Tanyoto Restaurant Hong Kong Branch
Restaurant address: 129-135 Johonston Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong
Restaurant telephone: 852-2893-9268
Anna's comment: This is my favourite restaurant for Sichuan food. The foods here are excitingly hot and spicy. They’ll even make you cry. Tan’s Fish Head – as its Chinese name denotes, its signature dish is Sichuan spicy fish head hot pot. Some Cantonese dim sum is added to the menu in order to please the great Cantonese population in Hong Kong.

Hot & Spicy Zhudu (pig stomach) 麻辣豬肚
Look at the colour, its really excitingly hot!
Pan Fried Glutinuous Chicken 煎糥米鷄
(as I said previously, no one knows why this is called 'chicken',
as its shape, ingredients and taste has nothing to do with chicken) Hot & Spicy Wonton in Chicken Broth 紅油抄手
Deep Fried Dace Fish Balls
served with clams sauce 蜆蚧鯪魚球
Chinese Pancake 野菜煎餅
Cassia Flower Red Bean Pudding 桂花紅豆糕 Hong Kong Food Blog - Spicy Sichuan Food

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