Monday, December 3, 2007

Seafood Dinner at Lamma Island

Dinner date: November 30, 2007
Occasion: Anna's company team building activity
Number of People: 22
Cost: HK$7,480 (US$960) inclusive of wine and drinks, no service charge (voluntary tipping)
Restaurant name: Lamma Hilton, Shum Kee Restaurant
Anna's comment: All restaurants along the waterfront of Yung Shu Wan and Suk Kuo Wan are semi-outdoor, with clean and nice eating environment. Life seafood from the tanks are available for your own choice. Highly recommended.

Deep Fried Squid with Salt & Pepper 椒盐鮮魷

Steamed Prawns 白灼生蝦

Steamed Baby Abalone with Ginger & Garlic 清蒸鮮鮑仔 Steamed Scallop with Smashed Garlic 蒜蓉蒸扇貝
Baby Lobster with Onion Sauce 清蒸龍蝦
Steamed Garoupa with Soy Sauce 清蒸大東星斑
Stir Fried Crabs with Red Chilli & Garlic 避風塘炒蟹
Roasted Chicken 炸子鷄 Stir Fried Vegetable 清炒小白菜 Fried Rice 楊洲炒飯
Fruit Platter 鮮果

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