Friday, December 14, 2007

Dim Sum - Chiu Chau & Cantonese

Lunch date: October 21, 2007
Occasion: Casual lunch

Number of People: Two
Cost: HK$180 (US$23), including 10% service charge

Restaurant name: The Grace Garden
Restaurant address: 12/F Times Square, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Restaurant telephone: 852-2506-3366
Anna's comment: Authentic Chiu Chau dishes, however combined with some Cantonese dim sum, in order to accommodate the taste of Cantonese population in Hong Kong. Nice restaurant.

Soyed Knuckles, Pork & Beancurd 卤水猪手猪腩肉
Typical Chiu Chau style

Mini Oyster Congee 蠔仔粥
Typical Chiu Chau style
Prawn & Vegetable Dumplings 鮮蝦菜苖餃
Mini Glutinous Chicken (outside) 珍珠鷄
There is no chicken in this dish,
no one knows the origination of the name Mini Glutinous Chicken (inside) 珍珠鷄
with minced meat inside (no chicken)


Sweet Glutinous Dumplings with Thin Coating 擂沙湯丸

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fred fat said...

have you ever had dim sum at Loong Yuen which is in Holiday Inn Golden Mile in Tsim sha Tsui?

Anna said...

Hi Fred
Sorry no. I never do dim sum at hotel restaurants. They just lack the appropriate dim sum atmosphere. Perhaps good for travellers or businessmen.