Thursday, August 25, 2011

Classic Dim Sums

If you ask me what are the must-eat dim sums in Hong Kong, here are my top choices - Shrimp dumpling 蝦餃, pork dumpling 燒賣, BBQ bun义燒飽, rice roll 腸粉, sponge chicken 綿花雞, sponge pudding 馬拉糕. If you happen to visit Hong Kong and want to enjoy a classic dim sum meal, please make sure to have these on your table. Any dim sum restaurant should have them on their menu. If no, simply black list it.

The other day, I so happened to have picked these classic dim sums for lunch. Don’t assume that good things are expensive. I’ve mentioned several times in my blog – if you manage your time good enough – you can eat good food at very cheap prices. For my classic dim sum meal, I spend only HK$130 (US$16.6) for the two of us on a Saturday, inclusive of tea and 10% service charge. If I go early and settle my bill before 12:30, it could be even cheaper.

Nowadays in Hong Kong, you can easily spend $40-50 in any fast food or even takeaway shops. But I paid only $65 per person and enjoy a good meal in a good restaurant. Here are my photo collections.

Al Dente Shrimp Dumpling 蝦餃 - My Favourite!!

Sponge 綿花雞 Chicken (left); Pork Dumpling 燒賣 (right)

Rice Rolls 腸粉, can be steamed, stir fried or my pan fried dish below.

Served with sesame sauce and soy sauce, very yummy!

Steamed BBQ Pork Bun, cha xiao bao, 义燒飽

The yellow Sponge Cake 馬拉糕, is one of my most favourite desserts

Inclusive of tea and 10% service charge and six dishes of delicious dim sum, this lunch is only HK$130 (US$16.6).

Mega Red
6/F Hopewell Centre
183 Queen’s Road East, Hong Kong
Tel: 852 - 2528 1680

Hong Kong Food Blog - Classic Dim Sums

Friday, August 5, 2011

Vegetarian Chinese Food with Great Chinese Tea

If you want to enjoy delicate, healthy and delicious Chinese vegetarian food in Hong Kong, the Lock Cha Tea House is the number one place I would recommend.

I’m treating my vegetarian friend at this wonderful restaurant at the Hong Kong Park today. This place is highly recommended for many reasons. Here are some.

 - Very delicious Chinese vegetarian dim sum over lunch hour
 - Super quality Chinese tea
 - Very classic Chinese tea culture setting
 - Very friendly services
 - Can visit the Tea Museum next door
 - Can visit the beautiful Hong Kong Park for a leisure walk after meal

The only disadvantage may be price. As the tea is of superb quality, you need to pay HK$25 per person (and HK$38 after 2pm) but each of you can pick your own favourite tea. The dim sum prices are not too high, however comparing to the quantity, it may still be a bit pricy. For example, the $25 Winter Melon Dumpling has only 2 in it. As there is no MSG and not oily at all, you simply fill your stomach very comfortably and healthily, of course. After all, our meal cost HK$198, including six dim sum, two tea and 10% service fee. As for the evening, they offer set dinner ranging from $98 to $220 per person.

My friend told me that she once visited their kitchen and was completely impressed by its cleanliness.

So, here we are, enjoying our super vegetarian lunch

We both chose Tie Guanyin for the tea 鐵觀音 I managed to do the Chinese Tea Art
Vegetarin Rolls
Another kind of vegetarian rolls Vegetarin Dumplings (sauces are nice) Winter Melon Dumplings
Turnip Cake
Green Vegetables with Oyster Sauce
Wait! Oyster sauce at a vegetarian restaurant? Yes.My friend told me that there are vegetarian oyster sauce available at supermarkets. But I had no idea what the ingredients are. A Highly 'Tea Interior' And a very Chinese entrance Lock Cha Tea House
G/F, K S Lo Gallery of Hong Kong Park
Telephone: 852-2801-7177
Opening Hours: 10:15am – 10:00pm

Hong Kong Food Blog - Vegetarian Lunch at the Park