Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Seafood Dinner at Lamma Island

If you have an afternoon to spend in Hong Kong, I would suggest combining a scenic outing with a fresh seafood dinner.

An outing to the Lamma Island is extremely easy and relaxing, even if you have kids with you. Last week, I joint my company offsite and here is a report of my seafood dinner and outing.

Go to Pier 4 in Central and take the 3.15pm boat to Yung Shue Wan in Lamma Island. In about 30 minutes time you will arrive at Lamma Island. Landing at Yung Shue Wan, you’ll see pubs, restaurants and souvenior shops lining up on the main street. You will walk from Yung Shue Wan to Sok Ku Wan and explore this beautiful and peaceful outlying island of Hong Kong.

On the way, you'll see beautiful landscape and beaches and there are observation decks for you to take a little rest and enjoy a breeze. You can also taste some local authentic Cantonese “tofu fa” dessert.

You will arrive at Sok Ku Wan around 6pm, depending on the speed you walk, the time you spend on resting, shopping and eating.

Below is a pictorial summary of my journey and the seafood dinner.

My favourite Deep Fried Squid - wow...extremely yummy!

Baby Lobsters - also my favourite Steam Clams with Jelly Noodle and Garlic Stir Fried Spicy Crabs Garoupa Duo
Meat stir fried with vegetables
the head and bones were steamed (see below)
Seaside restaurants, quite a unique eating environment Picked live seafoods from the tanks Just next to the restaurants, there were seafood souvenir shops
When you see the Tin Hau Temple (Godess of the Sea), you'll arrive in minutes
Beautiful landscape at Lamma Island. Fishing sampans providing fresh live seafood to the restaurants.

Recommended restaurants:
Lamma Hilton or Rainbow. They are next to each other, both very good. Lamma Hilton is relatively cheaper. But rainbow has free boats to take you back to Central. In any case, you should budget for a minimum of HK$200 per person. Of course that would depend on the kind of seafood you pick. Restaurants are generally available. But you can make booking if you wish.

Lamma Hilton: 852-2982-8241
Rainbow: 852-2982-8100

In terms of $$$ - Above dinner was served by Rainbow and the cost was approximately HK$400 (US$51.3) per person.

The best time to do this journey is spring and autumn, such as October to April. If you go on hot summer days in July and August, be sure to wear sun blocks, and have an umbrella to protect you from sun or rain.

Hong Kong Food Blog - Seafood Dinner at Lamma Island

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Chinese Food Carving

The Art of Chinese Food Carving

You may have seen ice carving on buffet tables. Have seen the art of Chinese food carving? Well, I had a chance to see some relatively large scale food carving lately.

On the Labour Day, I visited the Barracks of the PLA Hong Kong Garrison. It's open to the public once a year on the first day of May.

As you know, life within a military camp has to be DIY, including cooking. There were some cooking demo including some food carving exhibits. Some of them were really interesting.

A peacock opens up his tail to attract girl friends. Would you love this if you were a peahen? Look, this peacock tail is made of turnip, carrot and cucumber.

Who Else Wants to Learn Fruit Carving?
Learn The Art Of Fruit Carving - Detailed Video Instructions


Chinese like fishes, because it sounds like 'surplus'. Does these carrot fishes look nice?

Peoney and phoenix are also favourite Chinese figures. Again, they are made of carrot and turnip.

Water melon can also be carved. See the dragon and peacock. How lovely?

Who Else Wants to Learn Fruit Carving?
Learn The Art Of Fruit Carving - Detailed Video Instructions

Finally, here is me and a young PLA. Look, he's very cooperative in my photo taking, though without smile.

Hong Kong Food Blog - Chinese Food Carving