Friday, July 23, 2010

Super Delicious Handmade Ice Cream

Found a wonderful dessert shop in Hunghom. My friend took me there. Out of my expectation, this shop is new, beautiful, clean and tidy with friendly waiters. Most important of all, VERY DELICIOUS and VERY CHEAP.

My friend lives in Hunghom and got a promotion leaflet and took us there to try. Of course, we were offered opening special price with that leaflet. But even without it, the prices are surprisely low and the desserts are so delicious.
Coconut, Mango, Pomelo Dessert
How much does it cost?

It comes in a duo, together with
the Green Tea handmade ice cream,
red bean syrup and sticky dumplings.
Only HK$35 (US$4.48)

How about my Grass Jelly Dessert Set?
Only HK$15 (US$1.9)

Some more promotions for the new shop.

I must say, even if you go here by taxi, it will still be a good deal.

They have 10 other shops, but all in Kowloon and New Territories. The one here in Hunghom is the first one with seats, the others serve only take-away.

Dessert House
Japanese Tezukuri Ice Cream
13 Ming On Street, Hunghom, Kowloon
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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Traditional Cantonese Breakfast

Traditional Hong Kong Cantonese breakfast usually consist of congee plus stir fried noodle or steamed rice rolls. As for congee, usually sliced salty lean pork and millennium eggs are added.

Another breakfast duo is plain congee plus deep fried dough sticks.

I have recently had a short trip to Macau and found this at the breakfast buffet table of Hotel Sintra. We were given quite a number of accessories to add to the lean pork congee. So I have tailored my own congee with deep fried dough sticks, green onion, millennium egg and salty egg and some others. Unfortunately no stir fried noodle or steam rice rolls available. However they did provide some Cantonese dim sum instead. Not to mention salads, cereals and many other foods of international taste.

Though Hotel Sintra is ranked as 3-star, I do appreciate their buffet breakfast as it is far better than some other 4-star hotels in Macau.

My congee from breakfast buffet

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