Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Anna’s Health eBook Store - Buy One Get One Free

If you’ve read my post of ‘why I set up this blog’, you will know that I’m an intermittent faster. In fact, apart from providing Hong Kong food information, my food blog objective is also to promote my healthy eating habit. View my fasting blog and see if I could recruit you into the row of intermittent fasting.

To this respect, I’ve set up this eBook Store and have short-listed three of my most favourite health-related ebooks. To encourage you to go on a healthy eating habit, I’ll give you extra bonus, on top of the free bonuses offered by individual authors of the three ebooks. If you buy any one of them, I will give you my personally written Hong Kong Chinese Food Close Up ebook FREE.

Below I have outlined the benefits of these health ebooks. Once you’ve paid, Clickbank will inform me and I’ll email you my free ebook. In case you don’t receive it, please send me a reminder at hkchinesefood(at)yahoo(dot)com(dot)hk

EZjuice - The Juice Suggester
You may know that my fasting program started with a one-week juice fasting.

Over the course of the past four years of intermittent fasting, juice (fresh juice of course) has become part of my life. And due to my busy work schedule, this EZjuice ebook had given me great help in eliminating the hassle of finding new juice recipes and helped me to create juices "on demand" and made juicing fun.

The Juice Suggester offers "5 Free Must Have Juice Recipes" even if you buy nothing. View the juices on demand video.

Eat Stop Eat – All about intermittent fasting (IF)
IF helped me achieved natural and progressive weight loss. I lost a total of 20 pounds in six months and my body weight has been stable.

Browsing through this food blog, you will notice that I don’t have any restriction on the food I eat. All food photos in this blog are taken from my dining table. Forget about dieting, stay fit and healthy by re-arranging your eating schedule and keep eating whatever you like to eat.

I am someone who can tell you that IF helps, but Eat Stop Eat tells you why and how IF can help. Get this ebook, follow its guidelines and you’ll see the benefits.

500+ Healthy Chinese Recipes Cookbook
Needless to say, when I cook for myself, I’ll cook it the healthy way. Nicholas Zhou’s cookbook gives me exactly what I want – healthy Chinese recipes. If my blog has inspired you to learn Chinese cooking, this is the number one e-cookbook I would recommend. Nicholas also provides a lifetime update.

FREE BONUS from Anna – Hong Kong Chinese Food Close Up (value of $19.95)
Here is the FREE ebook I’m going to give you upon your purchasing of any of the above three health ebooks. Here is a detailed description, but please DON’T BUY it. Come back to this page, BUY ANY OF THE THREE HEALTH EBOOKS AND GET IT FREE.

Hong Kong Food Blog - Anna's Health eBook Store

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

2010 Chinese New Year Kick Off Lunch

2010 Chinese New Year falls on the Valentine's Day. In Hong Kong, Cantonese tradition is to have our new-year kick off lunch on the second day of Chinese New Year, hence February 15, 2010. Let me show off my family cooked CNY kick off lunch. All dishes are carrying wonderfully good names.

A Great Start (Assorted Vegetables)
羅漢齋 (開齋)
Great Profit (Pig Tongue)

Pig Tongue with Gold Coins (Mushrooms)


Great Surplus & Wealth Generation

(Fish Cake & Lettuce Soup)
生財有道, 年年有餘 - 生菜魚餅肉片湯
Hong Kong Chinese Food - Chinese New Year Kick Off Lunch

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Museum Cafe - Ideal High Tea Venue

Museum Cafe - Podium Level, Hong Kong Art Museum, Tsimshatsui, Kowloon

Hong Kong musuems are free on Wednesdays. So I take a day's off, go to Tsimshatsui to have lunch at Peking Garden and spent some time exploring the nearby Space Museum, Art Museum and the Hong Kong Cultural Centre.

Though I eat one meal a day, but sometimes I'm naughty. It is a personal rule, not a law, so it doesn't matter. After my museum tour, I had a cup of tea at its cafe on the podium. I really like to recommend this place becasue it is never crowded and it has superb views of the Victoria Harbour. Make sure to sit outdoor and the whole podium is yours.

Most important of all, the 5-star views here won't cost 5-star price. My latte is only HK$28 and the garlic bread is only HK$25. The food here is really nice and not expensive at all.

Garlic Bread HK$25 (US$3.2)
Anna at the Museum Cafe
The Museum Cafe podium offers great views
of the Victoria Harbour

Hong Kong Food Blog - Museum Cafe