Monday, February 16, 2009

Typical Hong Kong Seafood Dinner

Dinner date: February 15, 2009
Occasion: Family dinner
Number of People: 16
Cost: HK$5,564 (US$713), no service charge
Restaurant name: Sai Hing Seafood Restaurant
Restaurant address: Sai Kung Hoi Pong Square
Restaurant telephone: 852- 2792 2801
Anna's comment: I made some bonus from my 2008 performance. So I took my whole family out to Sai Kung for a seafood feast. To be honest, it was really a good deal for such a big feast with all fresh swimming seafood. This is what Hong Kong Cantonese enjoy most. I must say all the dishes are extremely delicious.

Deep Fried Oyster - My Dearest Favourite
What is this ?
I don't know, I check this up at Google
Steamed with Black Bean Paste and Chilli
Coelomactraantiquata 貴妃蚌
聖子 - 粉絲蒜容清蒸
Clams - Steamed with Jelly Noodle, Garlic & Chilli
Steamed Abalone 清蒸鮮鮑魚
Steamed Swimming Fish 清蒸白瓜子
Giant Australian Lobster上湯龍蝦伊面
Mantis Shrimp - Stir Fried with Garlic & Chilli
Free Items:
Chicken Feet
Seafood Soup
Fresh Fruits
Spotting for our favourite seafood
The fisherman shows our lobster prey !
Hong Kong Chinese Food - Seafood at Sai Kung

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Chicken Roll

Some time ago, I had this special deal from Tanyoto. Their tea time starts 2.30 pm. Can't you imagine this special set costed only HK$19.8 (US$2.5) ?

Chicken Roll
A thin sheet of chicken meat rolling some vegetable inside,
coated with smashed garlic and pungent sauce.
Beef Noodle
Hong Kong Chinese Food