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Hong Kong Fried Rice

Fried rice could be one of the most popular Chinese/Cantonese cuisine in Hong Kong, locals and expacts alike. The ingredients for fried rice could be very flexible and as creative as possible. Let me introduce a few of the most popular ones.

Yangzhou Fried Rice should be on top of the popular list. When we think of fried rice, Yangzhou Fried Rice comes to our minds. The main ingredients are prawns, char siu, eggs and most likely something green.  Price range could be below HK$50 up to over HK$100, depending on the kind of restaurant you go. If you go to Chinese restaurants within 5-star hotels, it may go beyond HK$200.

Below is the fried rice from my Lamma Island seafood lunch. Looks nice, right? I don't remember the price, but could be close to HK$100.

Yangzhou Fried Rice 楊洲炒飯 (南丫島)

Yangzhou Fried Rice 楊洲炒飯 (茶餐廳)

Now this is a Yangzhou Fried Rice from an economic restaurant at afternoon tea time. It is HK$38 including a drink.

Why is Yangzhou Fried Rice is called Yangzhou Fried Rice? 

I really don't know. In fact, Yangzhou is a city in China, somewhere nearby Shanghai. But if you are in Yangzhou and asked for a dish of Yangzhou Fried Rice, the waiter may not know what you want. I visited Yangzhou recently and had a dish of fried rice, below was the fried rice from Yangzhou. The ingredients are quite different from the Hong Kong version. 

Yangzhou Fried Rice from Yangzhou
楊洲炒飯 (楊洲)

Fried Rice with Salty Fish and Chicken
The salty fish is not quite visible, but when you eat, it is a very good partner of chicken when frying with rice. We all love the fragrance of salty fish. It is one of the most popular Cantonese fried rice in Hong Kong.

Fried Rice with Salty Fish and Chicken

Fried Rice with Chicken and Ham
This is a Shanghai cuisine. The ham being used must be Kam Wah ham from Yunan. When I go to any Shanghai restaurant, this is one of my most favourite dishes. 

Fried Rice with Chicken and Ham (Jade)
雞火炒飯 (翡翠拉面)
There are tiny bits of ham, can you see them?

Fried Rice with Chicken and Ham (New Shanghai)
雞火炒飯 (新滬坊)
There are larger cubes of ham, can you see them? As ham is concerned, I personally love bigger cubes rather than tiny bits. The feeling inside the mouth is much better. 

Note: economic type of restaurants may have chicken skin being attached to the meat. This is not quite healthy! However this should not happen if the fried rice costs HK$70 or above.

Fujian Fried Rice 褔建炒飯
Although this is called Fujian Fried Rice, it is widely available in many Cantonese restaurants. Its appearance differ from traditional fried rice. In fact, the fried rice is served as a base, with a topping consisting mixed meat (mostly chicken and pork), vegetables and gravy. It is in fact a moist version of fried rice.

Tips for a Good Quality Fried Rice

What contribute to a good quality fried rice? Of course, rice is the most important. It is commonly known that we should not use freshly cooked rice, as they are rather moist and sticky, not ideal for stir frying. Dry and cool rice (even from overnight) could produce the best effect. Each and every single rice could be clearly identified.  

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