Friday, June 11, 2010

Super Value Tea Set

Hey, I can't wait to post this. It is such a good deal - only HK$28 (US$3.58), inclusive of a cup of tea or coffee. This tea set is only available between 3pm and 5.30pm at Boston Restaurant in Hong Kong, and it is for take away only. Look, its size is just like a regular dish and it is cooked to order. Extremely delicious. So I've decided to do lunch and dinner together. Mmmm, breakfast + lunch is called brunch, what about lunch + dinner? Can someone invent a term for it?

Baked Spinach Noodle with Ox Tongue and Tomato
焗鮮茄牛脷波菜面 HK$28 (US$3.58), including a drink
Boston Restaurant
3 Luard Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong 852-34211822

This is one of the oldest restaurants in Hong Kong serving western food. I particarly like their take away dishes as they are extremely delicious and of super value.

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